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california still wine (149)
italian still wine (35)
australian still wine (26)
french still wine (18)
washington still wine (14)
port - imported (11)
argentinian still wine (7)
spanish still wine (5)
german still wine (4)
new zealand still wine (4)
oregon still wine (3)
south african still wine (3)
sparkling wine - imported (3)
sherry - imported (3)
chilean still wine (2)
portuguese still wine (2)
sicilian still wine (2)
sparkling wine - domestic (2)
alsatian still wine (1)
israeli still wine (1)


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cabernet sauvignon (205)
chardonnay (167)
pinot noir (117)
sauvignon blanc (86)
merlot (74)
bordeaux blend (61)
syrah (58)
sangiovese (52)
pinot gris (45)
zinfandel (39)
riesling (37)
malbec (35)
tempranillo (32)
grenache (31)
red rhone blend (24)
port blend (21)
mourvedre (15)
corvina (14)
nebbiolo (13)
red portugese blend (12)
chenin blanc (11)
petite sirah (11)
other red (10)
cabernet franc (9)
champagne blend (8)
viognier (8)
carmenere (7)
gamay (7)
other white (7)
barbera (6)
cortese (6)
dolcetto (6)
pinotage (6)
prosecco (6)
non-varietal red blend (5)
semillon (5)
albarino (4)
bonarda (4)
carignane (4)
cinsault (4)
malvasia (4)
non-varietal white blend (4)
red italian blend (4)
rhone blend red (4)
verdejo (4)
viura (4)
colombard (3)
montepulciano (3)
pedro ximenez (3)
tannat (3)
white italian blend (3)
aglianico (2)
dornfelder (2)
garganega (2)
gewurztraminer (2)
mencia (2)
nero d'avola (2)
rondinella (2)
sauvignon blanc/fume blanc (2)
sherry blend (2)
syrah/shiraz (2)
torrontes (2)
trebbiano (2)
vermentino (2)
alicante bouschet (1)
assyrtiko (1)
black muscat (1)
canaiolo (1)
carinena (1)
castelao (1)
fiano (1)
garnacha (1)
graciano (1)
greco di tufo (1)
grenache blanc (1)
gros manseng (1)
insolia (1)
macabeo (1)
madeira blend (1)
melon de bourgogne (1)
molinara (1)
monastrell (1)
muscat blanc a petits grains (1)
muscat d'alexandrie (1)
muscat of alexandria (1)
negro amaro (1)
nerello mascalese (1)
nielluccio (1)
palomino (1)
parellada (1)
petit verdot (1)
picpoul (1)
pinot blanc (1)
primitivo (1)
scheurebe (1)
sciacarello (1)
touriga nacional (1)
ugni blanc (1)
verdicchio (1)
white rhone blend (1)


2014 (388)
2013 (291)
2015 (152)
2012 (119)
2011 (51)
nv (25)
2010 (19)
2009 (4)
2005 (3)
2006 (2)
2016 (2)
1970 (1)
2004 (1)
2007 (1)
2008 (1)


750ML (1320)
375ML (7)
500ML (2)


Wine Buyer (201)
Wine Advocate (101)
Wine Spectator (85)
James Suckling (55)
Wine Enthusiast (39)
Antonio Galloni (38)
James Halliday (13)
Ultimate Beverage Challenge (13)
Vinous (12)
Wine & Spirits (9)
Steve Tanzer (6)


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Wine Sales

Wine Sales

Do you love wine? If so you may already realize that is can get somewhat pricey, although many feel that a nice vintage is well worth the price. If you educate yourself about different labels and keep yourself updated with sites online, you can find wine sales that offer great bargains which allow you to enjoy a bottle without breaking your budget.

However, as with any other product you might purchase while on sale, taking advantage of wine sales doesn't mean simply buying the cheapest product you find. Typically you get what you pay for, and buying some cheap vintage may be a waste of money if you don't enjoy it at all. Even when buying through wine sales, those few dollars simply become wasted dollars and not enjoying your vintage defeats the purpose of shopping for sales.

To take advantage of wine sales while still enjoying the vintage you purchase, consider a few quick tips in this regard.

Do Your Homework

Before you shop wine sales, do your homework. Research the vintages and labels that are on sale and find out about them and if they're recommended. It's good to remember that a label may have a bad year or an exceptionally good year, as winemaking is not like making any other product. Sometimes you'll see that wine sales feature only poor quality vintages which may not be worth your money.

However, sometimes wine sales feature very good labels and good years; they're on sale simply because they did not move off the store shelves in a timely manner. When you do your homework and realize that these higher quality products are being featured in wine sales, it's time to take advantage of that! And since wine lasts for years and even decades, you can purchase these better bottles at wine sales and save them for just about as long as you like.

Shop Around

It's also good to shop around if you want to take advantage of wine sales. You can check your local liquor store or wine store, but it's also advantageous to shop online. Many sites that sell wine online will have regular wine sales; these may include items they've ordered for their wine clubs, or items that their distributors and suppliers have on sale as well.

Sometimes you can sign up to be notified of wine sales by these sites but it's also good to check back often. They typically have new items in all the time, and shopping for wine sales may be a good way to expand your horizons when it comes to wine. Buying something that is less than full price will mean being able to experiment with different vintages and labels without risking too much of an investment.

So do your homework before shopping wine sales and check online. There's no reason that your budget should keep you from enjoying a glass of your favorite vintage, and if you shop carefully it certainly won't!