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california still wine (149)
italian still wine (35)
australian still wine (26)
french still wine (18)
washington still wine (14)
port - imported (11)
argentinian still wine (7)
spanish still wine (5)
german still wine (4)
new zealand still wine (4)
oregon still wine (3)
south african still wine (3)
sparkling wine - imported (3)
sherry - imported (3)
chilean still wine (2)
portuguese still wine (2)
sicilian still wine (2)
sparkling wine - domestic (2)
alsatian still wine (1)
israeli still wine (1)


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Grape Variety

cabernet sauvignon (205)
chardonnay (167)
pinot noir (117)
sauvignon blanc (86)
merlot (74)
bordeaux blend (61)
syrah (58)
sangiovese (52)
pinot gris (45)
zinfandel (39)
riesling (37)
malbec (35)
tempranillo (32)
grenache (31)
red rhone blend (24)
port blend (21)
mourvedre (15)
corvina (14)
nebbiolo (13)
red portugese blend (12)
chenin blanc (11)
petite sirah (11)
other red (10)
cabernet franc (9)
champagne blend (8)
viognier (8)
carmenere (7)
gamay (7)
other white (7)
barbera (6)
cortese (6)
dolcetto (6)
pinotage (6)
prosecco (6)
non-varietal red blend (5)
semillon (5)
albarino (4)
bonarda (4)
carignane (4)
cinsault (4)
malvasia (4)
non-varietal white blend (4)
red italian blend (4)
rhone blend red (4)
verdejo (4)
viura (4)
colombard (3)
montepulciano (3)
pedro ximenez (3)
tannat (3)
white italian blend (3)
aglianico (2)
dornfelder (2)
garganega (2)
gewurztraminer (2)
mencia (2)
nero d'avola (2)
rondinella (2)
sauvignon blanc/fume blanc (2)
sherry blend (2)
syrah/shiraz (2)
torrontes (2)
trebbiano (2)
vermentino (2)
alicante bouschet (1)
assyrtiko (1)
black muscat (1)
canaiolo (1)
carinena (1)
castelao (1)
fiano (1)
garnacha (1)
graciano (1)
greco di tufo (1)
grenache blanc (1)
gros manseng (1)
insolia (1)
macabeo (1)
madeira blend (1)
melon de bourgogne (1)
molinara (1)
monastrell (1)
muscat blanc a petits grains (1)
muscat d'alexandrie (1)
muscat of alexandria (1)
negro amaro (1)
nerello mascalese (1)
nielluccio (1)
palomino (1)
parellada (1)
petit verdot (1)
picpoul (1)
pinot blanc (1)
primitivo (1)
scheurebe (1)
sciacarello (1)
touriga nacional (1)
ugni blanc (1)
verdicchio (1)
white rhone blend (1)


2014 (388)
2013 (291)
2015 (152)
2012 (119)
2011 (51)
nv (25)
2010 (19)
2009 (4)
2005 (3)
2006 (2)
2016 (2)
1970 (1)
2004 (1)
2007 (1)
2008 (1)


750ML (1320)
375ML (7)
500ML (2)


Wine Buyer (201)
Wine Advocate (101)
Wine Spectator (85)
James Suckling (55)
Wine Enthusiast (39)
Antonio Galloni (38)
James Halliday (13)
Ultimate Beverage Challenge (13)
Vinous (12)
Wine & Spirits (9)
Steve Tanzer (6)


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Wine Online

Wine Online

You can purchase wine online today and may find that you get a larger selection and a better value when you buy this way. Some enjoy a "wine of the month" type of club where they can experience a new wine they may not have chosen for themselves. Others appreciate having a website available that will answer questions about wine and may offer recommendations as well.

Purchasing wine online means a bit more security than purchasing anything else online; you need to provide valid identification to ensure you're of legal drinking age and may need to also provide identification when the wine is delivered for the same reason. But buying wine online is legal for those who are of age and has many advantages and conveniences. These sites are actually becoming more and more popular every single day, and for good reason!

When you buy wine online there are a few things to remember in order to make the experience more convenient. You may also get more enjoyment from a monthly club if you consider a few tips as well.

Get Some Basic Education

Before you buy wine online, get some basic education about wine and what you may enjoy. Some appreciate a sweeter or fruitier taste, and others prefer something drier. When you know the differences between these and know your own tastes, you can make better decisions about purchasing wine online. You're more likely to find something you like and appreciate when you understand just a few facts.

Some are intimidated about getting educated when it comes to wine, but it's often much simpler than you realize. A few basic facts about the types of grapes used and how the wine is prepared is all you know to make basic decisions about purchasing wine online. It is also helpful to make notes to yourself about wines you've tried in the past and what you appreciated about them so you can try the same in the future.

Expand Your Horizons

When you purchase wine online you can also expand your horizons a bit when it comes to what you enjoy. Many websites have foods you can pair with the wine such as cheese, olives, and other condiments, and trying these recommendations can enhance your appreciation of a wine. If you join a club for wine online you can also get new selections sent to your door, and you want to give them a try with an open mind.

You may also get recommendations from the website for various selections you can pair with various foods such as certain beef or pork dishes. This is one advantage of buying wine online; you may not know what you'll like and those that run this website are experienced in giving out these recommendations. And if you really don't know where to begin when you buy wine online, find a site that gives regular recommendations for new arrivals. This will help you to find the right wine for you and to enjoy new experiences with your wine.